Monday, May 16, 2005

Game of Love

I sit by the window gracing the heat of sun
thinking what if
days did not pass by as they did,
tears did not flow by as they did,
and the feeling inside never did exist...

Deep inside, I felt you filled
all my emotions with love,
and all myself with you.
To feel the heaven by you,
walk the sea of love with you,
and to love you – and just you.

What you meant, I thought it was love.
What you said, I thought it was meant.
Love I thought, like that of a flower to dew.
Love I thought, pure in soul and heart.
Never thought for even a moment,
Did not even strike me the slightest.

Touch, I felt was that of a warm heart.
Felt, I thought was that of a deep love.
Innocent was my heart to think so.
Ask my ruptured soul, how is it to be
not to be what I wanted it to be.

Ever did it strike you
to pluck a flower, and feel no pain?
to empty a shell, and feel no shame?
to touch me warm, and feel no love?
Love you said, and what you did...


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